These are the conditions you have to emphatically tick before applying for a Gun License In India

  • There is a minimum age bar of 21 years to get the license
  • You should be law-abiding taxpayer of Indian citizen
  • You should be sound mentally.
  • Your justification to own a gun should be valid like security concerns or life threat.

Documents Required  to apply a new Arms License?

  • ID Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Last 3 year’s I.T. Returns /chalan copy/assessment orders
  • Two character certificates from the responsible citizens from your locality
  • Physical fitness certificate
  • Proof of Educational Qualifications (self-attested copies of certificates. Original should not be submitted along with application).
  • Proof of age (Birth Certificate/school leaving certificate)
  • Supporting documents to justify the need for holding the arm for security or for sports etc.

Now, you can apply. The application structure can be gotten from the District Superintendent of Police of the specific state, or online through the official government sites.

On accepting your application, the police will play out a personal investigation to affirm if there are any past records of crime or a continuous body of evidence against you.

The police will visit the private location given by you to affirm your living conditions and ask among your neighbors about your family’s frame of mind towards them and one another.

The DCP will likewise direct a meeting of the individual who has connected for the permit. After the meeting, the DCP sends the reports to both the crime branch and the National Crime Record Bureau.

A couple of years prior, the Indian Government acquainted wellbeing with preparing programs to get ready and train you inappropriately dealing with a weapon.

The DCP holds every one of the rights to deny you the permit since a weapon is as yet not thought about a major ideal for the residents in India. Regardless of whether you acquire a permit, it may be substantial in the specific locale or state contingent upon your condition. Licenses which are substantial broadly (over all states) are issued in generally few cases, and that excessively just after outfitting a legitimate reason/need.

You can’t convey a weapon in open places and need to give up your arms during the race to the closest police headquarters.

A permit is substantial for a long time after which you need to quickly restore it to proceed with your ownership or give up your weapon or legitimately offer it to another person with a permit.

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